Our work with all of our clients usually starts with a Human Life Developer sitting across the room with one of our potential customers or simply having a phone call with a would-be client. The purpose of this session is to help the client understand better where they are and what they need. Sometimes a few session of consultations would be all it takes to set the client's business straight. Other times, we might help them realize that what they need is a direct sale contract to improve their business standing or having our Brand and business team help them work through the challenges. Our team strength comes from the diversity of our offerings, from legal counsel to PR, Marketing, Accounting solutions or other available services needed to make a client's brand thrive. Below are a few of our service charges:

1. Brand/ Business Consultations: N 10,000 per hour

2. Mobile Consultations (Phone Call): N 10,000 per hour

3. Business Documentations (Strategy Documentations, Presentations etc): Starts at N 30,000

4. Business Plans & Proposals: Starts at N 50,000

5. Project Management/ Supervision: Charges Dependent on Project

6. Departmental Retainer: N 150,000

7. Full Service Retainer (Monthly): N 250,000

8. Business Development/ Sales Solution: Sign - On Fee; N 50,000 + 25% on Sales ( 3 months )

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